Monday, August 11, 2008

Cincinnati Trip

I just got back from an exciting weekend in Cincinnati. Friday the family drove up to take in some Skyline Chili and a Reds game.

TheReds lost 5-9 after giving up 4 runs in the 10th inning off our closer who is getting paid $8.6 million this season.

We were treated to some sweet postgame fireworks though, so that made the already half-priced tickets well worth it.

Following the fireworks I was dropped off at my good friend Kyle Leadingham's house. I got to spend the night there with him and woke up to watch 6 hours of Olympic coverage and shoot some hoops in his driveway the next afternoon.

We waited for our girls to come to the house (Molly drove up from Lexington and Kristin came over later) to eat dinner with Kyle's parents. Then the four "kids" went to the Reds game on Saturday night.

Much thanks to Joe Leadingham and Great American Insurance Company for the awesome seats! A second thanks out to Bronson Arroyo for his designed t-shirt, given out to the first 20,000 fans in attendance!

The Reds lost Saturday night's game 3-1 and recorded a measly 5 hits on their way to the cellar in the Central Division. Needless to say the Reds are becoming a joke.

But a great time was had by all, including teaching Molly how to score a Major League baseball game. I'll score that as a work in progress...

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Jason Eaton said...

I love Skyline and that shirt!!! It would be even better if it were a cubs shirts though!